Are Vaping Flavours Banned

Are Flavoured Vapes Banned in Canada?

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We wanted to shed some light on this question that we get asked the most at vape4change. People come in to our shop panicking that they recently visited a gas station or convenience store and were told that the Canadian government has banned all flavoured vaping products with the exception of Mint and Tobacco. Are flavours banned? Can I still get 50 nic juice? OMG I need my flavours and can't just vape Mint and Tobacco! 

Our first response is always this ----

We thought it might be a great idea to write a small blog highlighting the truth around some of the new regulations that might impact our customers directly. We all know that 2020 has been a year filled with misinformation, crazy news, and oh yeah COVID!!!

Here are the facts around this depending on where you live in Canada. A few provinces have adopted new e-cigarette legislation in the past year. I will highlight the 3 provinces that were most impacted by the new legislations as far as flavour bans, sales channels and some tax implications.

Let's start with Ontario since this is where vape4change is located.


The government has restricted the sale of most flavoured vape products in convenience stores and gas stations. The government has given this exclusive right to licensed vape shops  and cannabis retail stores, which serve customers 19 and older. In addition to that, the government of Ontario has put restrictions in place for vapor products with nicotine levels higher than 20 milligrams and made the sale of 20MG Nicotine levels to be sold exclusively at licensed vape shops. If you are looking for flavoured vaping products, and vaping products higher than 20 milligrams (2%), no need to panic! Just head to vape4change  for an array of flavours to suit your palate and nicotine levels ranging from 3MG to 50 MG.

Effective Jan 1st, 2021 gas stations and convenience stores will be fined if they are caught selling flavoured vaping products or any vaping products with a nicotine strength greater than 20 MG (2%). 

Now let's travel down the West Coast to see what BC vapors are facing.

British Columbia:

Flavoured products can only be sold in vape specialty shops and the province has put restrictions on nicotine strength of 20 MG while requiring plain packaging with health warnings. In addition to that, the province does not allow the sale of e-juice in bottles exceeding 30 ML in size.  BC also prohibits non-nicotine or nicotine cannabis blended vape products. The provincial sales tax on vaping devices and substances jumped from seven to 20 percent, YIKES! If you live in BC you can still vape flavoured products but you wont be able to get anything higher than 20 MG and will need to visit a local vape shop to pick a flavoured juice.

Now down to the East Coast to see what our favourite Halogonians are facing when it comes to vaping.

Nova Scotia:

In the province of Nova Scotia there is a nicotine cap of 20 MG.  Nova Scotia approved the 20mg/ml nicotine cap on vaping products, making it the first Canadian province to adopt such a restriction. The move followed an amendment banning all kinds of flavoured e-cigarettes and juices, and introduced a new tax on all vaping products.

I am hoping this little brief article was able to help explain the new regulations and how it might affect you, if you live in any one of these provinces.

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Remember vape responsibly and moderation is key!

Remember the words of Mark Twain "I never smoke to excess - that is, I smoke in moderation, only one cigar at a time" - Mark Twain


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Lisa Godfrey
Lisa Godfrey
I just moved to Nova Scotia from vancouver and I am in shock that you can’t buy flavored weed pens!!!! Or vapes like what a shock.

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