What is Synthetic Nicotine?

You may have noticed a new term pop up on vape4change, and in other vape-friendly spaces: synthetic nicotine. It may seem like this term has popped up overnight, when in reality synthetic nicotine has been on the market for quite some time now. What is synthetic nicotine? How is it made? What impact does synthetic nicotine have on the vaping industry? Is it even safe? 

First and foremost, the most important thing to address is the safety of synthetic nicotine. Synthetic nicotine is just as safe to use as regular nicotine for adults. There is virtually no difference in terms of safety when it comes to vaping synthetic nicotine.

What is synthetic nicotine?
Synthetic nicotine is nicotine that has been made utilizing lab made components rather than derived from a tobacco plant. It is made in state-of-the-art laboratories to mimic and emulate tobacco-derived nicotine. This means it does not contain any of the impurities that come with tobacco-derived nicotine. Synthetic nicotine could theoretically be the thing that severs ties with the traditional tobacco industry, which could be considered a big win for the vape industry. It is important to note that most people who vape are former smokers, so it would make sense to want to cut ties with the tobacco industry.

What does it feel like?
Synthetic nicotine gives the same physiological effects to the body that tobacco-derived nicotine does. This means you can expect the same hit, rush, and general satisfaction you would have with tobacco-derived nicotine! Synthetic nicotine emulates, models and mimics the nicotine compound, so it is basically the same thing but uses a different process to get there.

What does it taste like?
In terms of flavour, due to the pure form of synthetic nicotine, this makes it tasteless and odourless, which can mean a stronger flavour in some cases. Most people who vape synthetic nicotine report that the flavour is almost identical, and some say they even experience a smoother hit. Here at vape4change, we can honestly say we cannot feel a difference between synthetic nicotine and tobacco-derived nicotine! 

Synthetic nicotine is actually not new to the market at all. It came out a few years ago, but was considerably more expensive. Synthetic nicotine didn’t take off when it first came out, as it was overshadowed by the introduction of nic salts on the market.

So, why has synthetic nicotine suddenly made a resurgence? It is no secret that the government has been targeting the vape industry, setting nicotine caps of 20mg, and threatening to get rid of flavours. Synthetic nicotine serves as a loophole for vapors to get a stronger hit, while remaining compliant with government regulations. Many people who are former smokers quit cigarettes by relying on 50mg nicotine products, and continue to depend on higher contents of nicotine for harm reduction. As it stands, synthetic nicotine is not tied to the same regulations as tobacco-derived nicotine.

Synthetic nicotine, in our opinion, is a great thing, especially for those who vape higher nicotine strengths, such as 50mg. Many of us who vape are former smokers, and therefore do not wish to support the tobacco industry. We feel it is a stretch to include vaping in the tobacco category along with smoking, as most experts feel that vaping is significantly safer than smoking cigarettes. Considering that synthetic nicotine is not derived from the tobacco leaf, this could be the push the vape industry needs to distance itself from the tobacco industry. 

Several companies have hopped on board with synthetic nicotine, offering 50mg products of the same brands and flavours in a synthetic version. This is great news for people who previously relied on 50mg products to keep them off cigarettes. ZPods have created a synthetic 50mg version of their pods. Zpods STLTH Compatible Pods come in their most popular flavours – Sour Mouth, Chew, Blue Lemon, Gummy Bear Ice, NRG and many other well-loved flavours. It is amazing to see that a product as popular as Zpods has adapted to the changing market. 

Another STLTH Compatible pod has been released on the market as well. Boosted Pods STLTH Compatible has come out with incredible flavours such as Peach Ice, Mint, Just Grape, and several other flavours as well. Boosted Pods STLTH Compatible has also released Boosted disposables version in 50mg synthetic nicotine. They come in amazing flavours such as Triple Berry, Banana Ice, Mango Passionfruit, Sour Berries and many more.

It has been amazing to see STLTH compatible pods be made in synthetic nicotine format, as our customers had often been on the search for something that could replace their 50mg hit. We are anticipating several other favourite brands to adapt to the changing market, and can guarantee that we at vape4change will always be here keeping you on trend. We heard you guys, and we understand the struggle. Quitting smoking is never easy, and it is especially hard to re-adjust once you have found something that works for you. We at vape4change wish everyone success on their smoke-free journeys, and are happy to see where synthetic nicotine takes the industry!

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Taking Away Our Flavours...And Our Rights

For many of us former smokers, vaping was the ticket out of a life-time of addiction. Whether you were a pack a day smoker, or just a casual puffer, vaping for many of us was an easy way out. When I first started vaping, I was amazed and intrigued by the variety of flavours. I couldn’t wait till my tank was on empty so that I could refill it with a new and exciting flavour. I was out one night, and my vape had died. I took a drag of a cigarette and was instantly reminded of the horrible taste and smell. I couldn’t wait to get home and charge my vape so I could puff on the delicious juice, one that would leave me not smelling like death.

I’m sure many of us have had similar experiences. Being encountered with a cigarette in a moment of unpreparedness or even curiosity, and being met with the god-awful “taste” of that cigarette. It’s a huge reason most of us quit and don’t look back – the taste! Why taste tobacco, when you can opt for something better? Another big bonus of vaping is all the choices, whether you are into desserts or fruity flavours, there’s always something for everyone.

The Federal Government has had their eyes on the vape industry for a long time. The nicotine cap was a long-discussed proposition that eventually did go through. For many people who are just getting off cigarettes, 50mg is a great starting off point. However, putting a cap on nicotine is not something that would necessarily destroy the industry. With BOLD flavours, the industry has adapted by creating products that feel like 50mg, but are actually within the mandated nicotine cap of 20mg. Now, the Federal Government has shifted its focus from nicotine concentration, to flavours. This is being done in a bid to reduce the appeal of vaping to the youth. If the proposed flavour ban goes through, this means that the only flavours allowed to be sold will be menthol, mint and tobacco – flavours that already exist in cigarette form.

The proposed flavour ban would not only severely threaten the vape industry, shutting down thousands of vape shops and costing people their jobs and livelihoods, but it would also push hundreds of thousands of Canadians back into traditional cigarettes. This proposed flavour ban is the biggest threat to the Canadian industry we have seen thus far.

If someone were a recovering alcoholic, would you give them vodka flavoured juice? Simply put, no – this would risk placing the recovering alcoholic back in harm’s way. The same can be applied to this proposed flavour ban. It is worth mentioning, although obvious to many of us, that vaping is a cigarette cessation tool. This means that vaping is not recommended for people who never smoked cigarettes to begin with. This has always been a tool for harm reduction, one that has helped hundreds of thousands of Canadians kick the habit for good.

We at vape4change support the initiatives of the government to keep vaping safe and in the hands of adults. However, a move like this is effectively removing the element of choice for the hundreds of thousands of adults who rely on vaping as a harm reduction tool. Many of us in the vape community are wondering, why flavours? If we are aiming to remove flavours for adults in order to protect our youth, why are liquor stores filled with flavoured alcohols with bright, colourful labels? Why aren’t we holding all industries to the same standard?

Simply put, this move seems senseless and lacking in thought. It is a move that is rooted in ignorance. The proof is in the pudding – smokers who quit using flavoured products are 2.5 times more likely to be successful. This proposed flavour ban has little sympathy or consideration for the health and lives of adult smokers who rely on vaping. If thousands of Canadians will be pushed to cigarettes, this is a potential death sentence for them.

The nicotine cap going through is a sure indication that flavours are next. The only thing we can do now is make our voices heard and take immediate action. Although 100,000 signatures were accumulated on the petition against the nicotine cap, Health Canada did not take these seriously as they were not considered unique submissions.

A new petition has been created by the Canadian Vaping Association to make it easy for vapers to make their voices heard. A template has been designed to make it as simple and fast as possible to collect our unique, individual experiences. What you fill out in the template will automatically be generated into a cohesive email which you can submit directly from the website. It is very easy to complete, and will not take more than 5 minutes.

The urgency of this matter cannot be overstated enough. Health Canada will only be accepting submission until September 2nd 2021 (16 days away from the time of writing). The target is to achieve at least 20,000 submissions. If this goes through, thousands of vape stores will be forced to shut down overnight. This is our time to stand up, and let the government know that it's not up to them to dictate what we vape. Be removing our choice to choose what we want to vape, they are infringing on our rights. Let’s work together to protect an industry that has made a positive impact in all of our lives. 

Click HERE, to access the easy-to-use email template. Once submitted, it will be sent to your member of parliament on your behalf.

Don’t forget to spread the word. Encourage other people who vape to make their voices heard! Remember, there is strength in numbers.

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Where Can I Buy 50mg Nic Salts in Canada?

It finally happened. What once felt like a distant date on the horizon, arrived and with it came a wave of panic. On July 23rd, the Federal government swung their proverbial axe, putting an end to the sales of nicotine products above 20mg in Canada.  Former smokers who relied on these higher nicotine strengths to stay off the sticks were rightfully concerned. I mean, who wants to go back to the cancer sticks after partaking in the delight of vaping? Surely, the only reason people could stay off cigarettes was vaping at high concentrations such as 50mg, right?

So, does this mean we’re doomed? Are all the vapers who were vaping at 50mg condemned to a lifetime of stinky cigarette smoke? 

Fear not, my friends. The vape industry is about adaptability. In the face of adversity, the vape industry rises like a phoenix from the ashes to bring us… 

Hybrid Salts
Hybrid salts, also known as HIT salts, are a blend of freebase and nicotine salts. These have been designed for mouth to lung, or restricted direct to lung vaping. hybrid salts offer a stronger throat hit, with a lower nicotine concentration. Hybrid salts give us the best of both worlds, by providing a more noticeable throat hit, as well as a satisfying nicotine intake. So basically, hybrid salts give us the same feeling of higher concentration nicotine, with less actual nicotine.

Many of our favourite brands, such as STLTH and Ghost have begun selling these hybrid salts. This means that you can keep the convenience of vaping closed pod systems or disposables without sacrificing the throat hit you’re used to. Seriously, the difference is so subtle that you will be left wondering if the labels have been switched!

What to look for?

Many companies are rebranding to adapt to these new regulations. STLTH has acted fast, and are offering Bold 35 and Bold 50. Although the product names suggest a higher nicotine concentration, they are both only at the federally mandated 20mg/ml. The Bold 35 mimics a 35mg concentration, and the Bold 50 mimics a 50mg concentration. Prefer Zpods? The Z Pods Supreme Nic Blend will give a similar throat hit as a 50mg concentration. Ghost Max Bold 50, and Ghost XL Bold 50 are available for those who prefer disposable vapes.

No compromise necessary on flavours, brands, or preferred devices. It’s a win, win for all!

A big bonus of these types of hybrid salts, is that salt nicotine gives us a quicker nicotine “fix”, whereas freebase nicotine is more of a “slow release”. This means that you may actually be reaching for your device less.

You’ve come this far in your journey on quitting cigarettes, why turn back now?

Click here to shop at vape4change!

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Entering the world of vaping can be a bit overwhelming at first, and, with so many new products available weekly we thought we would create a basic vaping guide to help you navigate this wonderful world of vaping. I remember when I first started vaping and purchasing products online, it was a bit confusing when I was trying to use the search option to navigate, since I was not sure about some of the terminology used. 

Let's first start with the basics and work our way up. 


Coil – The part of the atomizer used to heat  e-liquid. 


Pods- The pod is the equivalent of a tank that holds your vape juice. Vape tanks can hold  as much as 6.5ml or more, pods typically hold somewhere between 1ml to 3ml of e-juice. Click Here to Shop for pods


 Mouth to Lung  Vaping (MTL) & Direct to lung (DTL) Vaping

DTL vaping is directly inhaling the vape into the lungs like breathing air. In contrast, MTL is more like smoking a cigarette.


Nicotine Levels or MG levels- Stands for milligram strength per milliliter. This is used to determine the nicotine strength of e-liquid. Freebase e-liquid ranges from 0mg-18mg and salt nicotine ranges from 10mg-50mg (1%-5%). An example of this would be if a juice is 3MG this means that there is 3mg of nicotine per ml of ejuice.

OHMS: Lower Ohm coils: Creates more heat at the coil which in turn can create more vapor but uses more liquid. Higher Ohm coils: Creates less heat at the coil which can create "less" vapor but uses less liquid.

Mesh Coils - Their design allows the element to cover a larger surface area and maintain even heating throughout. The large surface area allows a massive amount of e-liquid to be vaporized at once. As a result, you get much more vapor and - by default - better flavor. Since the heat is not focused in a single area, the strain on mesh coils is lower which means that the coil will last longer. 

mAh – milliam per hour. This is used to describe a battery’s capacity to store energy. The higher the mAh, the longer the battery life is. This is good to look for when purchasing a unit with an internal battery.

Priming – Before using a new coil, a few drops of e-liquid are added on the coil allowing it to sit for a few minutes to let the e-juice saturate the cotton completely. If you are using a pod, you can fill the new pod with e-juice and let it sit for a few minutes before hitting it to avoid burning the pod.

Throat Hit – The sensation after vapor hits the throat. Some vapers look for a  "tight" dry harsh throat hit that mimics a cigarette, while others prefer a smoother "airy" throat hit.

PG/VG Ratio - PG stands for Propylene Glycol, which is one of two main ingredients in all e-juices. PG does not make as much vapor as VG, the advantage is the intensity of the hit as well as the flavor. VG stands for vegetable glycerin- the second main ingredients used in e-juices. The advantage of VG for vaping is the tremendous amount of vapor that can be produced from a small amount of liquid. It is a clear, odorless liquid that has a slightly sweet taste.

Typical PG/VG Ratio

  • 50% PG / 50% VG – the most common used today for nic salts
  • 70% VG / 30% PG – the most common used today for free base e-liquids. This ratio is a blend designed to produce great vapor for sub ohm vaping while at the same time maintaining a crisp flavor.
  • 80% VG / 20% PG – This ratio gives intense vapor production and decent flavour 
  • Max VG – at least 90% VG. This is designed for maximum cloud production and is mostly used by competition cloud chasers. The flavor is very mild but the vapor production is intense

Draw activated - A pod vape that produces vapor as soon as you pull on the device. Simply inhale and the device will begin to produce vapor, much like a cigarette.

Button activated- A pod vape that requires you to push a button while you draw for it to begin to produce vapor.

What are the different types of e-juices?

Free Base E-Liquid - We wont get very technical with this but basically free base e-liquid is what the vaping industry started with. Free base e-liquid comes in 0MG, 3MG, 12MG, 18MG. Free base provides you with a "wet" throat hit and can be rough on your throat if you go higher than 6MG. Free base e-liquid is vaped at higher temperature than salt nicotine. Most people will vape free base at around 60 - 80 watts and are looking for big clouds. Click to Shop.


Salt Nicotine - is derived from the the tobacco leaf and provides a smoother throat hit with higher nicotine content. Salt nicotine mimics the throat hit that smokers get from cigarettes and is a game changer for people looking to quit smoking. Salt nicotine is more of "dry" throat hit. Nicotine levels start at 10MG and go as high as 50 MG. Typically, nicotine salts perform best within the range of 15 watts to 40 watts. Shop Here.



Disposable Vape - A Disposable vape is a small non-rechargeable device, pre-charged and pre-filled with delicious vape juice. The disposable vape is draw activated so it's ready to vape whenever you are ready. Once the juice runs out you can easily dispose of the unit! The type of juice in a disposable is salt nicotine and ranges from 20MG-50MG of nicotine. The throat hit on a disposable is perfect for people looking to quit smoking. We at vape4change have a recycling program for disposable vapes. Click Here for disposable vapes.

Open Pod System - Open pod system is a unit compromised of a pod or coil that allows you to refill the pod with an e- juice of your choosing. All open pods come with empty refillable pods that you refill yourself. These devices require you to fill the pod however will offer you the best value for vaping and will save you money in the long term. Shop Open Pod Systems here.


Closed Pod System - A unit that comes sealed and prefilled with e-liquid and snaps directly into a battery. Examples of closed pod systems are STLTH, VYPE, JUUL. They are convenient and easy to use. They are more expensive than an open pod system, but if you like convenience and don't mind paying for it then a closed pod system is perfect for you. Please remember that when you purchase a closed pod system such as the Vype/Vuse, you need to purchase the corresponding e-liquid pods made by the same company or compatible with your unit. Closed pod systems contain nicotine salts and come in a variety of flavours and nicotine strengths. Most closed pods come in 2 -4 pods/pack and may contain 0.7ml-2ml of e-juice per pod. Closed pod systems are a great option for people looking to quit smoking without the hassle! CLICK here for Closed Pod System.




Vape Mod Kits - a  box-like device that uses sub-ohm technology to give you more power and more vapor production. These devices allows you a power outage ranging from 20 watts to 200 watts. These kits are mostly used by vapors looking to vape free base e-liquids. Salt nicotine e-juice is NOT recommended in these type of units.


Starter Kit: A starter kit will have everything you need to start vaping. Most starter kits will have the unit, charging cable, pods/cols, tank. The only thing you will need to buy is your juice and batteries if the unit uses external batteries.. The batteries are usually 18650 and are rechargeable.














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Are Flavoured Vapes Banned in Canada?

Learn more about the Flavour Vape Ban and where you can continue to purchase your vaping products in 2021 in Canada.

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Vype Vs Juul Review

Which is better Juul or Vype, Juul versus Vype review. Reviewing both pod systems and sharing perosnal experience on using both of the units.


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What's a disposable vape? Is it worth the hype? Best 2020 Disposables Canadian made.

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Say Goodbye to Winter Blues, Make Your Own Sunshine

The winter months in most of Canada can be depressing, to state the least. Day after day of bone-chilling temperatures, very little sun and all those necessary layers easily bump people off course and away from those new year’s resolutions- especially those that are food-focused or habit-oriented.

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More Than a Vape Shop- How Vape4Change Goes Above and Beyond

Vape stores are popping up all over the GTA and it’s tough to differentiate one from the other. My fiance has been attempting to make the switch from smoking and would switch up between cigarettes and using his vape device, often trying out different shops for various juice flavours. It wasn’t until recently that he became loyal to one shop, Vape4Change, and the reasons for this have to do with the unique services they offer that no other store in the area seems to.

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Let this be the year you quit smoking cigarettes

A new year, a new you- that is what we are told to focus on in those early January days. But what does this mean? It’s different for everybody and usually stems from any disappointment we may have carried over from the previous calendar year. Often resolutions revolve around appearance, finances and/or behaviours. I know as well as any, that resolutions are often tough to follow through on, but have learned over the years that success all has to do with being realistic about what you intend to achieve.

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