Introducing the NEW Vuse ePod 2+ by Vuse (formerly Vype).

The new VUSE epod 2+ is a game changer! This new device includes a power/lock button and connects to the My Vuse app via Bluetooth on your mobile phone. The new VUSE/VYPE ePod 2+ is compatible with the complete line of Vuse pods.

The Vuse (formerly Vype) ePod 2+ device by British American Tobacco (BAT) is a compact vaping device with Bluetooth connectivity for an experience like no other!

The VUSE ePod2 + kit includes the pen and the charger. Please note that the prefilled cartridges are sold separately - available in lots of flavours and a variety of nicotine strengths - nicotine free, 18mg and Bold 50.

Vuse ePod 2+ Details

The Vuse ePod 2+ is almost the same shape as the Vuse epod 2 and charging cable is interchangeable with the Vuse epod 2. The VUSE ePod 2+ features a button on the side for Bluetooth pairing, and to lock or unlock the device.

The VUSE ePod 2+ connects to Android & Apple on your mobile device and its main features are: 

    • Device Lock - Locks your Vuse epod 2+ device so others can’t use it
    • Find My Vape - is a device locator to assist you in locating your lost vape
    • Cloud Control - allows you to increase or decrease vapor production, up to 6.5w
    • Recharge Reminder - tracks battery usage and life 
    • Usage Tracker - keeps track of how often your device is used


  • VUSE ePod 2+ Device
  • USB Magnetic Charger
  • User Manual

Download the MYVUSE Android app here

Dowload the MYVUSE IOS app here


To download the My Vuse app on a IOS device, please follow the steps below.

MyVuse App is powered by the Nuviu app and can be installed on iOS 14.5 and newer.

To take full control of your ePod 2+, please follow these instructions carefully:

STEP 1: Click HERE to download and install the Nuviu app from the app store.

STEP 2: Once downloaded and installed, open the Nuviu app and grant access to Bluetooth. Note that you must enable Bluetooth to pair your ePod 2+ device.

STEP 3: Copy this link   https://my.vuse.com/ and paste it in Nuviu’s URL bar.

STEP 4 : Continue following in-app steps to set up the MYVUSE APP in Nuviu and do not forget to add it to your bookmarks.

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