Introducing another new addition to the Vape4change disposable family. We are pleased to introduce the MR FOG disposable vape. This disposable is 20MG nicotine and has a whopping 8ML of salt nicotine which will last a bit over 2500 Puffs!

The MR FOG disposable utilizes mesh coils to keep the flavours from fading as you get to the middle and end of this disposable. 

Main Features and Specs:

Up to 2500 puffs

8ml of salt nicotine

950 mAh battery

20mg Nicotine

Adjustable air flow

Mesh Coils


Frequently Asked Questions

What is MR Fog Disposable?

MR Fog is a popular disposable vape that gives you powerful 2500 puffs from each bar. You get a pre-filled e-liquid tank of 8ml capacity and 20mg nicotine strength for an electrifying experience. Once the e-liquid is over you need to discard them with other e-waste; they are non-refillable. These vapes include a built battery of 1100 mAh to ensure...... Read More