Vape4change VERDICT - New disposables to the vape4change family. These disposables are manufactured in California and use synthetic nicotine. Synthetic nicotine is made in a lab and therefore no tobacco leaves are used. The result of using synthetic nicotine provides a more flavorful vaping experience and a smoother throat hit. Synthetic nicotine is tobacco free nicotine!

The nicotine content of these disposables are 4% (40 MG) but since the nicotine is different you will get the same throat hit and physiological effects as you would from a 5% (50 MG) disposable vape.

Synthetic nicotine is the next big thing to the vaping industry and vape4change is always at the forefront with our products for vaping! 

If you are interested in learning more about synthetic nicotine, feel free to watch the video below! You will be impressed! 

This vape monster is definitely a monster of a disposable. Containing 6.5 ML of juice, an 850 mAh battery and a charging port which will allow you to recharge this disposable if the battery dies before the juice is done! Now that's smart!!!

This disposable will last for days and days! 

These disposables are available for the bundle discount option - Buy more save more