Vape4change Review: Are you looking for new STLTH flavours? If you are then these STLTH compatible pods are perfect. Boosted pods are new to the market and are compatible with the the SLTH device and ALLO SYNC device.

Boosted Stlth compatible pods  are a great closed pod system and customers are loving them! No burning taste and no leaking of pods. 

Strawberry Mango - 20 MG Synthetic Nicotine with a 50 MG throat hit  

These BOOSTED PODS are new to the market and are derived from Synthetic nicotine. Synthetic nicotine is tobacco free nicotine Synthetic nicotine is growing in popularity since they are tobacco free. These BOOSTED PODS will give you the same physiological effects as the 50 MG while still complying with Canada’s  nicotine cap. These BOOSTED Stlth compatible pods are much stronger than the Supreme Blend nicotine Zpods. 

3 Pods/Pack

2 ML/Pod

New price includes excise tax