Where Can I Buy 50mg Nic Salts in Canada?

Where Can I Buy 50mg Nic Salts in Canada?

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It finally happened. What once felt like a distant date on the horizon, arrived and with it came a wave of panic. On July 23rd, the Federal government swung their proverbial axe, putting an end to the sales of nicotine products above 20mg in Canada.  Former smokers who relied on these higher nicotine strengths to stay off the sticks were rightfully concerned. I mean, who wants to go back to the cancer sticks after partaking in the delight of vaping? Surely, the only reason people could stay off cigarettes was vaping at high concentrations such as 50mg, right?

So, does this mean we’re doomed? Are all the vapers who were vaping at 50mg condemned to a lifetime of stinky cigarette smoke? 

Fear not, my friends. The vape industry is about adaptability. In the face of adversity, the vape industry rises like a phoenix from the ashes to bring us… 

Hybrid Salts
Hybrid salts, also known as HIT salts, are a blend of freebase and nicotine salts. These have been designed for mouth to lung, or restricted direct to lung vaping. hybrid salts offer a stronger throat hit, with a lower nicotine concentration. Hybrid salts give us the best of both worlds, by providing a more noticeable throat hit, as well as a satisfying nicotine intake. So basically, hybrid salts give us the same feeling of higher concentration nicotine, with less actual nicotine.

Many of our favourite brands, such as STLTH and Ghost have begun selling these hybrid salts. This means that you can keep the convenience of vaping closed pod systems or disposables without sacrificing the throat hit you’re used to. Seriously, the difference is so subtle that you will be left wondering if the labels have been switched!

What to look for?

Many companies are rebranding to adapt to these new regulations. STLTH has acted fast, and are offering Bold 35 and Bold 50. Although the product names suggest a higher nicotine concentration, they are both only at the federally mandated 20mg/ml. The Bold 35 mimics a 35mg concentration, and the Bold 50 mimics a 50mg concentration. Prefer Zpods? The Z Pods Supreme Nic Blend will give a similar throat hit as a 50mg concentration. Ghost Max Bold 50, and Ghost XL Bold 50 are available for those who prefer disposable vapes.

No compromise necessary on flavours, brands, or preferred devices. It’s a win, win for all!

A big bonus of these types of hybrid salts, is that salt nicotine gives us a quicker nicotine “fix”, whereas freebase nicotine is more of a “slow release”. This means that you may actually be reaching for your device less.

You’ve come this far in your journey on quitting cigarettes, why turn back now?

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