Introducing the Z BEST disposable vape by ZPOD! Same juice, same flavours now in a disposable!

The Z BEST disposable vape by Zpod is the newest disposable to the Vape4change family.

This new disposable is made by the same company that makes our beloved Zpod pods. They use the exact same juice found in their current Z pod Pods. 

Vape4change is the official distributor of the Z BEST disposable vape by Zpod and the first vape shop to get this amazing disposable!

FLAVOUR PROFILE: Watermelon Ice- Luscious sweet watermelons served on ice!

The Z BEST disposable by Zpod boasts 18 ML of salt nicotine in the special nic blend that we have to come to love in the zpods. The special Nic blend gives you a throat hit of 50 nic 

The Z BEST disposable vape by Zpod is the hardest hitting disposable vape on the market today! The ZBEST disposable vape by Zpod contains a special nic blend that's designed for customers looking for a 50 nic disposable vape while still maintaining the mandated 20 mg nicotine cap.

The Z BEST disposable by Z pod features an LED screen which displays real time your battery life and your liquid life, leaving you zero time for guessing.

The Z BEST disposable by Zpod is a  rechargeable disposable 9000 Puff vape, an exclusive delight for the Canadian market.  With a generous 18ml reservoir of special nic blend!

What sets the Z BEST disposable by Z pod is its rechargeability feature, allowing you to maximize every last drop of e-juice, delivering unparalleled value, flavor, and reliability.

Key features of the Zpod Disposable Vape

  • 20 mg Nicotine (special blend that feels like 50 nic vape juice)
  • 9000 puffs
  • LED screen
  • 18 ML Salt Nic
  • Mesh Coil
  • Rechargeable
  • Type C. Cable not included. 
How long does the Z BEST Zpod 9k disposable vapes last?
The Z BEST Disposable Vape by Zpod has the potential to produce up to 9000 puffs. 
How much nicotine is in the Z BEST disposable vape by ZPOD?
The BEST disposable has a total of 18 ml of special blend 20mg salt nicotine

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