Vape4change Review: Vuse/Vype is an excellent choice for a pre-filled pod system for people looking to quit smoking. Its easy to use, low maintenance and great value! The throat hit sets this device apart from others on the market. The throat hit mimics that of a cigarette and makes the transition from smoking to vaping much easier! Vape4change gives this device and the pods a 2 thumbs up!

VYPE products are now VUSE products. Vype rebranded with new packaging! VYPE and VUSE pods are fully compatible with VYPE and VUSE devices. There is no change to current flavours. The only change is the name and nicer packaging.

The Vuse/Vype is manufactured by British American Tobacco (BAT) and provides an array of flavoured pods to suit every palette.

Vype/Vuse Epod Flavour Cartridges 

Each Vuse/Vype pack contains 2 pods with 1.9mL of juice in each. A wide range of flavours and nicotine strengths to select from. Vype/Vuse has over 10 cartridge flavours to select from.

If you are wondering how to select your nicotine strengths here are a few tips to help you  get started. Vape4change recommends the following:

1) Heavy smoker - 5% 

2) Moderate smoker - 3%

3) Light smoker - 1.6%

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Vuse/Vype Epod Flavours in Canada