Vape4change Review: Vuse/Vype is an excellent choice for a pre-filled pod system for people looking to quit smoking. Its easy to use, low maintenance and great value! The throat hit sets this device apart from others on the market. The throat hit mimics that of a cigarette and makes the transition from smoking to vaping much easier! Vape4change gives this device and the pods a 2 thumbs up!

VYPE products are now VUSE products. Vype rebranded with new packaging! VYPE and VUSE pods are fully compatible with VYPE and VUSE devices. There is no change to current flavours. The only change is the name and nicer packaging.

The Vuse/Vype is manufactured by British American Tobacco (BAT) and provides an array of flavoured pods to suit every palette.

Vype/Vuse Epod Flavour Cartridges 

Each Vuse/Vype pack contains 2 pods with 1.9mL of juice in each. A wide range of flavours and nicotine strengths to select from. Vype/Vuse has over 20 cartridge flavours to select from.



Velvety Mix -  The masters of flavour have crafted an indulgent mix of swirling aromatic undertones with a warm velvety finish. Undoubtedly a new and unique tobacco taste sensation to discover.

Icy Mango - A burst of mango with an icy twist.

Rich Tobacco - Vibrant and generous with mix of roasted nuances. 

Berry- Berry flavour with blackcurrant bud extract.

Cucumber - Cucumber flavour with agave and peppermint extract.

Golden Tobacco - Previously called Tobacco Marvel. Same well-balanced intensity and smooth tobacco taste.

Clear - A smooth, clear and satisfying flavour-free experience.

Lemon Berry - A blend of lemon, citrus and pink grapefruit notes, highlighted by hints of berries.

Peach- White peach with a hint of delicate floral notes.

Cool Peppermint - A balanced cooling peppermint taste.

Smooth Mint - A subtle and silky cooling mint.

Smooth Tobacco - Mellow and subtle tobacco flavour.

Polar Mint - An expertly crafted refreshing mint sensation.

Watermelon - A watermelon flavour, with a blend of subtle green notes.

Blueberry - A blueberry flavour with undertones of red berries and tartness.

Passionfruit - Tropical passionfruit with almond notes.

Blood Orange - An orange flavour with red pomegranate notes.

Mango - A juicy, tropical and refreshing taste experience that is better than ever.

Vanilla - A rich vanilla taste with a smooth texture.

Strawberry -  A fusion of strawberry with green fruit notes.

Morado Mix - Tobacco blend with bright aromatic, bold and dark flavour notes.

Carmelina Mix - A bright tobacco blend with rich, sweet, creamy vanilla and cereal flavour. Incorporating a sweet and fruity dark, rich, red berry notes.

Watermelon Berry Iced - A juicy summer watermelon perfectly complimented by tart and tasty berries. Finished off with ice!

Iced Pineapple Peach - Tangy and tropical pineapple infused with a ripe fuzzy peach finished off with an icy cool sensation.

Iced Cherry - Tart red berries mixed with sweet luscious cherries and an icy finish.