Introducing the Vice Vape, a remarkable disposable vape that combines superior design and exceptional performance, delivering up to 5500 puffs of pure satisfaction. Retaining the original's unique and high-quality design, this upgraded version boasts an incredibly smooth auto fire system, ensuring effortless draws with every use. The mouthpiece is thoughtfully crafted to provide maximum comfort during your vaping experience.

Equipped with advanced mesh coil technology, the Vice Vape delivers an explosion of rich flavors, making it a top contender for the sweetest and most flavorful disposable vape on the market today.

Vice Vape 5000 Features:

  • Smooth auto draw for effortless vaping
  • Unique and meticulously crafted design for a premium feel
  • Comfortable mouthpiece for prolonged enjoyment
  • Sweet and sensational flavors that leave a lasting impression


  • Impressive 5500 puffs, providing long-lasting vaping pleasure
  • Powered by a 630mAh battery, ensuring reliable performance
  • Convenient Type-C rechargeability for quick and easy charging

Unleash the Vice Vape and indulge in a vaping experience unlike any other. With its outstanding features and exceptional flavor delivery, it sets a new standard for disposable vapes. Embrace the future of vaping with the Vice Vape!