• Why: the perfect gift box for everyone; from the first timer to the cannabis connoisseur - whether that is yourself, a family member, coworker or friend. Much like the world-renowned Crown Royal gift kits that we all know and love, we have put together the ultimate "box" for anyone who loves or is learning to love cannabis.

  • Includes: we've combined everything you need in one awesome package:
    • 1 x The Compact | Small Glass Stash Jar
    • 1 x The Blackout | On-the-Go Glass Jar
    • 1 x Boveda Humidity Packs in each jar
    • 1 x The Trichome Lamp, The Grate | Wallet Grinder Card
    • 1 x The Wrap | King-Size Rolling Papers
    • 1 x Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
    • 1 x KookiJar App Stickers.

  • How To Use: the ultimate cannabis connoisseur experience! Drop your dried flower into The Compact Jar along with the Boveda humidity pack to preserve your flower. Closely inspect your preserved and protected flower via the custom-built 5x magnifying lid. Get up close and personal with the trichomes by pointing The Trichome Lamp on your dried flower, either in the KJ jar through the magnifying lid or out of the jar on the box lid that doubles as a rolling tray. Trust us, you'll enjoy the 'view'!

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