You need to purchase one battery that can be used with all lowit flavours!

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Introducing the ELF BAR LOWIT pre-filled pod kit! 

From the makers of the very popular ELFBARS comes a whole new closed pod system. This latest vaping product inherits the flagon shape, while creatively adopting removable, interchangeable prefilled pods. That's a big twist to the way that previous ELF Bars function and work, or rather most disposable vapes on the market.

The ELFBAR Lowit disposable vape consists of a reusable device and a replaceable pod. To start off vaping, attach the pre-filled pod to the device and you are ready to go.

Why vape4change loves this new pod system

  • Flavour, flavour flavour! The ELFBAR LOWIT flavours are awesome and are similar to the ELFBAR disposables
  •  Made from mesh coils which produces good vapor and a burst of flavour
  • We love the fact that we use only one pod instead of 2-3 pods saving us time and most importantly doing our part for the environment and producing less waste. One pod has 8 ML of salt nic which is around 2500 puffs
  • The battery is 500 mAh which is bigger than the STLTH and VUSE device
  • Its the best bang for your buck! 
  • Battery indicator

Green: 70%-100%, Blue: 29%-69% Red: Less than 29%


    What's In The Box:

    • One Battery Device


    • Size : 30x40x20mm
    • Battery Capacity : 500mah
    • Charging Port : Type C


      You only need one battery/device. One battery can be used for all lowit flavours!!!!

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