Vape4change Warranty, Returns & Exchange Policy
At Vape4change, customer satisfaction is our main priority. We will work with you to ensure that we are meeting your expectations.

At Vape4change, we will always do our best to rectify issues on a case by case basis! Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Please familiarize yourself with our Warranty & Return Policy before making a purchase with us.

Hardware Warranty
Should your hardware malfunction, or become defective after 30 days, please contact us via email or visit our location for technical support.

Vape4change provides a 30-day replacement warranty for defective hardware for customers who purchased from our online vape shop or physical vape store. Our warranty program covers problems such as device charging issues, internal battery issues, chip and LCD display issues, as well as auto-firing or other device firing issues. It is important to note that only these issues are eligible for warranty coverage.

Warranty Exclusions
Please be aware that the following items are not covered under our warranty program: Coils, Pods, E-liquid, Pre-filled Pods, Disposables, Tanks, Rebuildable products, and Batteries.

In addition, our warranty will not cover:

  • Cosmetic damage
  • Damage caused by improper use
  • Damage caused by unauthorized repair
  • Damage caused by excessive force such as dropping the device, accident or misuse
  • Damage caused by contact with liquid or fire or other external causes
  • Damage caused because products have been modified
  • Damage caused by normal wear and tear or normal aging of the product
  • Damage caused by use outside of recommended operation instructions 

The 30-day device warranty period starts from the day the items are delivered. Customers are responsible for all shipping costs for shipping items to and from Vape4change.

Disposable Devices
Vape4change offers a limited DOA (defective on arrival) warranty on disposable devices within 48 hours. Please ensure you have thoroughly tested your device, within manufacturer specifications, shortly after purchase. 

If your disposable device does not work upon first-time use, we will replace it free of charge. You MUST provide the defective disposable in its original packaging, with tax stamp included. We are not able to process a return without this. Upon receiving the disposable, we will ship you the same disposable back. In the event that your item is out of stock, we will ship you an item of your choice that is of equal or greater value. In the event of exchange for a product of greater value, the customer will be required to pay the difference. We can also offer store credit if the customer wishes.

Customers are responsible for all shipping costs for shipping items to and from Vape4change.

Prefilled Pods
Please note that during shipping, pods may sometimes leak. This can be due to temperatures that are too hot, too cold, or a sudden change in temperature. Once pods are exposed to certain temperatures, they may experience a minor condensation or leakage.

Minor leaking from your pods is not uncommon during use and shouldn’t persist under normal use. If your pod is leaking slightly, you can continue to use it without problems but please wipe off the juice before putting it in your device. 

Vape4change offers a limited 48hr return policy if the pods have NOT been used and are leaking. The pods MUST be returned in the original packaging with tax stamp. We cannot process a return without this. Please note we will require you to provide pictures or videos of the leaking in order.

Due to consumer safety regulations, all e-liquid purchases (free base and nic salt) are considered final sale and are neither subject to any warranty nor eligible for return or exchange.

If you notice the e-liquid you have varies from bottle to bottle, this may be the cause of the e-liquid needing additional time to steep. If this is the case, shake the bottle and leave it in a dark area for a few days. Variations in bottles could also be the result of the e-liquid being left in direct sunlight or heat.

Tanks, Coils and Pods
Due to their consumable nature and limited life expectancy, Vape4change offers a limited DOA warranty on atomizer tanks, atomizer coils, and pods. If these products do not work on first-time use, we will replace them free of charge provided you return the defective products in their original packaging with all original components for confirmation and testing to determine the issue.

Discontinued/Clearance Products:
Discontinued items deemed defective within the warranty period will be exchanged for a product of equal or greater value. In the case of an exchange for a product of greater value, the customer will be required to pay the difference in purchase price of the new product. The customer may also choose to receive store credit.

Please note our policies do not apply to items that have cosmetic damage, damage caused by misuse, damage caused by liquid or other external causes, or damages caused by services or modifications performed on items. 

All exchanges must be returned in original packaging, with tax stamps where applicable. We also require proof of purchase. Customers are responsible for all shipping costs for shipping items to and from Vape4change. 

Returned items will be carefully inspected upon return. If there are clear signs of misuse, no credit or refund will be given. 

If you would like to submit a request for replacement, please contact us by email at Please provide your FULL NAME, ORDER #, PHONE NUMBER, and REASON(S) for the return. You may be requested to provide pictures or video proof of the issue.