What are disposable vape pens?


Roula Matar

First lets start by answering one basic question – What the hell is a disposable vape?

A disposable vape is a unit that is ready to vape right out of the package and is disposed of once the e-liquid or battery runs out.  Disposable vapes are designed for a single use and are commonly purchased because of the price but most importantly the convenience. Disposables don’t need charging, refilling and are very easy to use!  

Disposable vapes have been around for a while but have recently gained popularity and are being manufactured by many vape companies across the United States and Canada.

Disposable vapes come in many flavours and sizes ranging from 1.2 ML of e-juice all the way to 5 ML of e-juice. The price range for these devices can range from $10 to $20 CAD which makes them  appealing. A very common question that we are asked at vape4change.ca is how long do these disposables last? Most companies brand these disposables by the number of puffs, however that’s a bit difficult to gauge. We suggest always looking at how many ML of juice is in each disposable and how long does it take you to go through one ML of juice.

 Another common question that we get asked at vape4change.ca is if we recommend these disposables and best disposable vapes on the market for 2020.

Here are a few pros and cons that we share with our customers:

Disposable Vape Pros:

  • If you are new to vaping and not ready to invest in a unit and a bottle of juice then this is perfect
  • If you are on the go and don’t want to refill and carry a unit then disposable vapes are the way to go
  • If convenience is what you are looking for then disposable vapes are the answer

Disposable Vape Cons:

  • These disposables can get costly if you are going through one every other day
  • Many clones are available on the market so make sure you are picking them up from an authorized vape shop
  • Harmful on the environment since there is no recycling program in place yet

Best Disposables E-Cigs 2020

  • Two companies right now are hitting the mark on the disposables and they are both Canadian! YAY CANADA!!!
  1. Ghost XL Disposables – These disposables are Canadian made and have over 9 flavours to select from and 2 nicotine strengths– every flavour is delicious! Each Disposable is filled with 3.2 ML of ejuice and has a battery capacity of 550mAh. Price point is awesome and retails between          $14 CAD - $16 CAD.
  1. Allo Ultra – Another great Canadian disposable. This disposable has many flavours to suit every palette and has 3.8 ML of ejuice and a battery capacity of 550mAh. Price point is also amazing and suggested retails between $15 CAD - $17 CAD

 Some www.vape4change.ca Tips for Vape Disposables:

  • Don’t store them in extreme temperatures
  • Don’t try to refill them
  • Make sure you draw from the mouthpiece ONLY, if you draw from the bottom the unit it will stop working. If that happens, you can leave it alone for an hour or so and it should start working again
  • Dispose of after the flavor fades even if there is a bit of battery life left. If you push it, you will get a burnt taste


Generally speaking, for anybody looking to quit smoking and begin vaping www.vape4change.ca  always recommends a refillable unit. With a refillable unit you have the freedom to customize your nicotine level, and flavour. Many people think of vaping and associate it with big units, huge clouds and the messy part of changing coils. Vaping has come a long way and units are small, discreet and inexpensive. In addition, the introduction of pod refillable vapes have made the user experience so much easier.

If you are looking to transition from smoking to vaping please feel free to reach out to www.vape4change.ca and we will be more than happy to help you make informative decisions.

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