More Than a Vape Shop- How Vape4Change Goes Above and Beyond

More Than a Vape Shop- How Vape4Change Goes Above and Beyond


Vape stores are popping up all over the GTA and it’s tough to differentiate one from the other. My fiance has been attempting to make the switch from smoking and would switch up between cigarettes and using his vape device, often trying out different shops for various juice flavours. It wasn’t until recently that he became loyal to one shop, Vape4Change, and the reasons for this have to do with the unique services they offer that no other store in the area seems to.

“Change” is the key word in the store name, and this is what enticed him in. He knew a full shift from smoking was necessary, and noticed that Vape4Change offers outreach and counselling to help with this. What we noticed from the minute we walked into Vape4Change was how welcoming and friendly the owners of the shop are. Off the bat it’s obvious that they go above and beyond for their clients. Not only do Roula and Reggie offer the best in vape options and e-cigarette brands, but they are there to also assist those who are making the shift from smoking.

It’s not an easy transition seeing as many smokers explain that they find fear sets in when thinking about quitting or transitioning to e-cigarettes. The step is compared to parting with a close friend. Giving up that reliable safety net while letting go of the therapeutic, anxiety-relieving habit is daunting. It all begins with you and your commitment to change, regardless of how amazing a vape device might be.

Smoking is a very tough habit to beat and Vape4Change has a counsellor on site to help you get past the cravings by slowly reducing the number of cigarettes smoked daily and replacing them with puffs off a vape device. It’s all about being honest with yourself, setting a reasonable goal and then sticking to it. But the most important thing to remember is to not be too hard on yourself and simply take making the change one day at a time.

There are initial things that Reggie, an addictions counselor, and VP of Vape4Change, suggests doing to make the transition to vaping a little less difficult.  Continue to head out on smoke breaks with work friends, but instead take your vape device. This way, you won’t feel that you’re missing out. Picking up your vape device when the urge to smoke kicks in, and limiting usage each time to 10 puffs- equivalent with the puffs a cigarette provides- will assist you in making the switch. Being mindful about how much you are vaping, is of utmost importance. First, you must commit to change and be aware of the triggers that may lead to smoking a cigarette. Things like stress, drinking alcohol and coffee, are common triggers that smokers pair with the habit. The cravings will set in quickly, but will also dissipate quickly, so have the tools necessary to keep the cravings at bay. Your awareness plays a big part in your attempt to stop smoking.


Often times, smokers are reluctant to switch to vaping because of the initial expense. Yet, over the long run, vaping is actually much more affordable than buying packs a day of cigarettes. At Vape4Change, an outreach program is made available to those struggling with the initial costs and counsellors go over options with you that fit your start-up budget.  In addition, counsellors offer advice about the levels of nicotine that are best to help those that are just kicking the smoking habit and to bring a sense of ease to the transition. Higher and drier levels mimic those that a cigarette gives, and are suggested to those making the change.


Vape4Change is a one-of-a-kind e-cigarette store in the GTA. Make a difference in your own life and let them assist you to vape for change.

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