1699 3999

If you love a good sweet juice  then vape4change wants you to listen up!

Lemon Cake Berserker by Rockt Punch 120ML is a delectable vape juice with cheesecake flavor infused with tart and juicy lemons. This is the perfect e liquid for those of you who love tart flavors.

When first inhaling, you will be met with zesty lemon notes that will have your mouth puckering and you begging for more. Upon exhaling, you will experience a creamy and rich cheesecake flavor that ties the entire e juice together creating a delightful treat for your taste buds.

Sour lovers and sweet lovers come together to experience just how precise this flavor is and fall in love! Vape4change gives this juice a two thumbs up!


Lemon Cake Berserker - Rockt Punch - 120 ML
1699 3999