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Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present.

You are aware of things that you can change and your wisdom has created a connection with your life experiences.

“A lot of what we focus on here at vape4change is harm reduction. That is getting people off something that is very harmful, like cigarettes, and switching them over to something that, as far as we know, is significantly less harmful" says Reggie



Donate your gently used tank/mod and get a $10 in-store hardware upgrade credit.

vape4change will be working with a few non-profit organizations to help people on a fixed income make the switch.

We will donate your unit along with 2 bottles of e-juice and one free counselling session.

We will also be providing special pricing for people on any type of government assistance program. Simply show us proof and get your discount in-store and online.


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